Film Director:

We are looking for an individual with the innate ability to capture the moment, express emotion and grasp the essence of each and every creative decision made in this project. You are the captain.

You will endure multiple responsibilities, craft and study the story in the best way to interpret its message for entertainment and education. Other duties include choosing settings and film locations, and deciding how and when to shoot scenes. You must provide guidance on characterization and the movements needed in each scene to minimize rehearsals and takes. Directors plan the framing and composition of each scene, coordinating it with camera movement and sound. They also establish the pacing and the timing of the scene sequences.

You must efficiently coordinate and supervise the work of the camera, lighting and sound crews. Confer with managers, technical directors and all other team members on the details of the production, including the interviews, photography and music. The director will be involved in the editing process on a holistic level, integrating the pieces into the final product.

*If you have these skill sets and would like to be the director of this Film Fellowship, apply below. 

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