Our Mission

The Outdoor Film Fellowship is dedicated to empowering the next generation of outdoor filmmakers, creatives and activists to inspire change through leadership, film & the arts.

Our Focus

We are an academic leadership program focusing on 3 core elements:

1.  Impacting the lives of our fellows.
2. Creating awareness for our subject matter.
3. Inspiring change in our world.

*We believe that the future of environmental Protection, Cultural Preservation, social justice, governmental policy & all other forms of activism needs to continually be fueled by new generations of storytellers.

How It WOrks

Each summer, we select a team of "fellows", who consist of talented post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students, looking to add a practical application to their formal education. Each fellow is paired with one of our award winning mentors for the term of the fellowship to create a documentary film focused on a single issue, cause or story facing our world today.

Our fellows face a wide range of challenges that personally and professionally invoke passion, character and leadership. Framed by our values, passions and ideals, our fellows blend their interdisciplinary backgrounds to best capture and express their findings, experiences and outcomes through film and the arts.

The Fellowship consists of 5-6 weeks of intense academic, leadership and field-based experiential development. We separate the program into two phases: The first phase is approximately 3 weeks, where we review our fellows base knowledge, work with our mentors to adapt and personalize our lesson plans to each fellows abilities and interests. This period of time is dedicated to advancing the knowledge, comprehension and capabilities of each fellow in preparation for our expedition and their professional careers. The second phase is considered our immersion phase. We take our fellows on a 2 week expedition, directly into the field to experience and implement their craft while working hand-in-hand with our mentors to create a documentary film that we believe will inspire change in our world.


Each year the price of the program changes based on location and sponsorships. With the help of our incredible Donors, Sponsors, Board of Directors and Partners, the cost of the program has lowered year after year. See our incredible Partners and Sponsors here! 

Q & A:

Who Can Participate?

Each year we accept a group of passionate and talented individuals looking to inspire change in the world. The roles are available to post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students from around the world who are looking to put a practical experiential application to their formal education. If you have a talent in any of the provided fellowships positions and consider yourself are a "Do'er", this is a program for you.

What is The OUtdoor Film Fellowship?

We are an academic leadership program focusing on 3 core elements: 1.) Impacting the lives of our fellows.  2.) Creating awareness for our subject matter.  3.) Inspiring change in our world. While each endeavor creates individual outcomes, collectively they fulfill our mission of empowering filmmakers, creatives and activists to inspire change. *Note: We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Have More Questions?

We would love to hear from you! Simply email info@outdoorfilmfellowship.org and we will answer any questions you have. We are also available to set up a call if you would like to talk about the fellowship in person.

Sponsors & Partners:

A special thanks to those dedicated to support, inspire and empower the next generation of Outdoor Filmmakers, Creatives & Activists!