Our Alumni represent a group of individuals leading the outdoor industry in filmmaking, creativity and activism. With a broad representation of interdisciplinary backgrounds our alumni frame a vast network of professionals that support one another and work together to develop each others opportunities and careers. We encourage you to follow, hire and listen to the values, passion and ideals of these individuals. They are ethically driven and firmly rooted in the desire to create powerful content that continually inspires change in our world today.



Hailey graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Professional Writing. Always combining her love of nature and passion for writing, Hailey joined the Fellowship as a Producer to bring her background in environmental communication to the next level. She is currently a Senior Editor at a research institute.

Adam Benton
Mentor: Executive Producer

Adam is the co-founder of CCFF and is the current Executive Director of the program. As a mentor, Adam focuses his attention as the executive producer of each film. He also utilizes his experience in business development and marketing in both the private and non-profit sectors to help develop each fellows professional directives.

Campbell Brown
Mentor: Director Of Photography

Campbell is a Sydney-based Cinematographer with experience in Commercials, Documentaries, TV Series, Short Films and Online Content. His work for Nike, Tourism Australia, Google and several Not-for Profits has taken him across Australia and around the world. He has a passion for capturing inspiring stories in diverse environments that together bring insight and understanding. Fresh perspectives, imaginative collaborations and shared successes are Campbell's chosen ambitions on the journey to becoming an acclaimed Cinematographer.


Céline Cousteau
Mentor: Executive Producer

Céline is an accomplished documentary film director, producer, and presenter, as well as the founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions. She has been a guest designer for Swarovski, ambassador for The TreadRight Foundation, and Member of the World Economic Forum Council on Oceans. Céline sits on the advisory boards of The Himalayan Consensus and Marine Construction Technologies. Her current focus is her latest film and impact campaign “Tribes on the Edge”.


Stefan Hunt
Mentor: Director, Editor

Stefan is an incredible filmmaker and creative. Often narrating through the eyes of a child, his films and illustrations are naive yet poignant and a reminder that we were all once children. He has gone on to collaborate with the biggest global brands, directing multi award winning documentaries, commercials, music videos and TV series. And through it all there is always one sentiment: To inspire change through creativity.

Alicia Rubio:  Editor

Nicole JOhal
Fellow: Editor

Nicole is a change-seeking creative and filmmaker with a background in post-production, film production, and story development. She has a well developed experience in scripted narrative, music video, and documentary short films. She hopes to create visual content that moves and inspires a greater social and environmental consciousness. Nicole is a Southern California-native and recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies.

Nicole Laughlin  (Social Media)

Cailie Kafura
Fellow: Producer

Cailie is a producer, activist, advocate, and lover of the environment and people of the world. Her travels and life experiences have shaped her passions and desire to protect our world for future generations to experience. She is currently focusing her time and attention producing impact driven documentary films and organizing grassroots campaigns to ensure our world is a much better place. She also hopes to become a tree in her future life. 


Fellow: Director, Editor

Nicole is a freelance filmmaker with projects ranging from commercial work to environmental and social documentaries. She is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in environmental science.

Isaac Lowe
Fellow: Illustrator

Montana-native Isaac Lowe-Anker grew up with the Rockies in his backyard, raised in a family that instilled an appreciation for both the outdoors and art at an early age. Isaac currently goes to school in northwest Washington State, where is continues to hone his craft as an illustrator. 

Max Lowe
Mentor: Director

Known for his ability to depict human stories in the most untouched reaches of the world, Max Lowe excels at capturing captivating story through his search for adventure and narratives unheard. From his  home in the mountains of Montana to now countless countries, landscapes and cultures across the globe, max has been witness to stories spanning the gap of human experience. It was from his travels and the experiences therein that stemmed his drive to begin his career as a storyteller, capturing the world around him via motion and still photography. 

Clayton Mason
Mentor: Director Of Photography

Clay Mason is a Los Angeles based director of photography focused in Documentary and Commercial cinematography. His role with CCFF has been greatly valued as a leader in our education and fellow development curriculum, stemming from clays formal education background and teaching experience at Northwestern University.


Fellow: EDITOR, Assistant Director

Alicia is currently an English and Film and Media Studies student at UC Santa Barbara set to graduate in the spring of 2017. Her role within the Fellowship involved production and post production aspects alongside Stefan Hunt and Campbell Brown. With an interest in storytelling as a whole, cinematography and editing was her key focuses. She hopes to spend time traveling while developing her filmmaking capabilities and style along the way.

Siobhán Wetzel:  Producer

Simone Staff

Simone is a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has spend her whole life growing up in and around the ocean: surfing, sailing and exploring the seas. There hasn't been a time that she doesn't remember having a camera in her hand to document and remember those fleeting moments that pass us by. She always pushes herself to better her camera skills and become a better documentary filmmaker and photographer. This is her passion. 


Emma Stehli
Fellow: Director, Cinematographer

Emma Stehli was born and raised in the sweet small-city that is Portland, Maine. She grew up around photography and film from an early age. As the daughter of a free-lance photographer, Emma fostered an early passion for visual storytelling. This interest led her out West, where she now pursues Film and Media at UC Santa Barbara. With an emphasis in cinematography, Emma has continued to learn and further her craft both through her courses and directing and filming in the field. 


Matthew Vanatta
Mentor: Producer

Matthew’s background is steep in both the creative agency and editorial world with an expertise in culture and niche lifestyle markets. Through innovative storytelling, user experience, informed copy, and creative direction he helps brands tell their story and build brand loyalty. Matthew continues to expand his editorial and commercial projects while also currently working on a number of personal projects including a creative zine, screenplay, and producing independent films.


Siobhán is a recent UCSB graduate with a bachelor's degree in English with a specialization in Literature and the Environment.  With a strong passion for storytelling, she began her professional journey with UCSB's Blue Horizons documentary filmmaking program.  She believes helping a story come to life on screen is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in the world. She is passionate about preserving our world natural beauty, and believes we should all do our part.